Who pays tax for fuel for an 1000 km long journey?

Tax for fuel when travelling 2,000 km with 4 persons
Tax for fuel when travelling 2,000 km with 4 persons

Distance to destination 1.000 km. Airplane uses 3,65 L / 100 km per person. 1.000 km gives 36,5 L per person, or  146 L for 4 persons. No tax has to be payed for kerosene for international flights. Flights within the Emission Trading System (ETS) of the 28 EU member states plus Norwegen, Island and Lichtenstein pay €0,065 /L. This results in a tax of €9,49 for a single flight or €18,98 for a return flight. Lufthansa Fuel Consumption  The Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) (Chicago 1944, Article 24) exempts all tax on fuel of international flights. As do the EU taxation rules

A car uses about 7,5 L / 100 km or 75L for 1.000 km. The usual tax amount for fuel within the EU including VAT is around €0,90 / Liter. For 75 L this amounts to €67,5 and for the complete journey to €135,-. Gas taxes Europe 2019


Prices for Kerosene are a joke

Car drivers pay constantly high prices for gasoline due to taxation. Prices for Kerosene are incredibly low and floating over a wide range.

The actual price for kerosene is € 0,22 /Liter and falling. In the past, it was as high as € 0,66 /Liter and as low as € 0,15 /Liter. Car drivers can only dream of …