Who we are

Pilots For Future was started by pilots who are concerned about aviation’s future impact on our planet. Our income’s dependency from aviation doesn’t make us immune to our doubts and fears about our negative effects on our world. Instead, our professional familiarity increases our consciousness.

Since 1950 aviation has increased by 5.5 % a year, making Revenue Passenger-Kilometers (RPK) double every 13 years. The Coronavirus gives us a pause from this exponential growth. We want to use it to explore paths towards sustainable travel.

We love our profession, we are all aviation enthusiasts as are the people working together with us. We meet the thrills and challenges of our dynamic work with shared responsibility to keep all safe. That‘s also the way we want to look on our works impact.

In fact, everyone is a pilot, for themselves and others. No matter what your profession, let’s explore and get things done for the benefit of us an our future generations.

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