Europe‘s role in world air traffic

Europe has a big impact

1. Europe and CIS accounts for 28% of world’s use of jet fuel, see: IATA, Jet Fuel Price Monitor  

2. Europe fuels 55.7% of all international flights 
18.9% within Europe & CIS + 12.1% North America + 3.2% Central America + 2.1% South America + 3.6% Africa + 5.4% Middle East + 10.4% Asia IATA WATS World Air Transport Statistics 2019

3. Europe’s strategic location, technological leadership, vibrant businesses and touristic markets multiplies its impact on international aviation

4. When the corona-crisis has passed, world’s air traffic will double compared to 2019 within two decades

The world aviation - 1950 to 2019
The world aviation – 1950 to 2019

5. Within the EU, aviations CO2 emissions will rise from 4% of EU’s total to 20% or more 
European Commission Carbon Market Report 2019 and European Parliament, At a Glance, ICAO Agreement on CO2 emissions from aviation

Europe‘s scientific, economic and political role in the world primes it to take the lead towards sustainable aviation

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